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The twitter video downloader is a simple tool that can be used to download videos from twitter

Twitter has been a platform for artists, sports fans, and people to share their thoughts for years. Users are able to upload videos of themselves on their timeline or in the replies of other tweets. The video downloader can be used to save those videos. Recently, Twitter has made it so that you can download videos embedded in tweets to your phone too!

Twitter video downloader online HD

A video downloader is a software program which users can use to save videos for offline viewing. Today, Twitter has become a platform for people to share their thoughts and opinions with other people all over the world.

When people want to share their opinion with the world, they often use Twitter as a platform that has space limitations. It is common for users to upload their videos on Twitter and post them on the website’s timeline or their own profile page.

The video downloader software saves these videos so they can be viewed at any time without an internet connection.

How to Download Twitter videos online?

Twitter offers a video streaming service to all users, which is available to those who have verified accounts. YouTube and Facebook offer a similar service.

Twitter’s interface for watching videos is more like a TV guide than the traditional video player. You get thumbnail previews of the videos that are playing, along with titles and descriptions.

Twitter also has a library of curated videos that can be accessed from the homepage of your verified account or from the drop-down menu in your profile page. You can either choose from popular topics such as “funny”, “music” or “news”. Or you can search for specific keywords in Twitter’s search bar located at the top right corner of their site.

How to download videos from Twitter:

There are a few ways to download videos from Twitter. One of the easiest ways is to use the Twitter website.

Another way is to use Social Media Fire which allows you to extract all types of media from social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. This also includes extracting GIFs and images as well.

Download twitter videos on iPhone or Android :

There are many ways to download twitter videos on iPhone or Android. One way is by downloading twitter videos from the Twitter app.

To download a video, it is necessary to open the tweet and tap on the three dots in the upper right corner of your screen:

The ‘download’ option will be listed. It can also be found in the ‘details’ tab. Tap on it and a video player will open with a prompt asking if you want to save or play the video. Select ‘save’. You can then copy this file from your device by tapping on ‘give to’ and choosing a desired destination, such as ‘desktop’ for Windows PCs, or ‘iTunes’ for Macs.

How to download twitter videos?

If you plan to download Twitter videos on your computer it’s very easy, you just use Gabvideo as a means to download them. What are the steps, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the website, then copy the URL in the address bar.
  2. The second way right click on the video on twitter then click “copy video address”.
  3. Go to and paste the URL into the download box.
  4. Then, click the download button and wait for the process to complete.
  5. Select the video resolution you want to download.
  6. If the video does not automatically download then right-click the video then click “save video as…”
  7. When a pop up window appears, enter a file name and then click save.
  8. Your video has been successfully downloaded.

How to download twitter videos on iOS and Android?

Below are the steps on how to download Twitter videos if you are using a smartphone. Now let’s move on to the steps on how to download Twitter videos on your Android and iOS phones.

  • Open your Twitter application, copy the URL of the video you want to download. The method,
  • Tap the arrow (share button), then select copy link (see image below)
  • Open gabvideo in your browser.
  • Paste the copied URL into the download box.
  • Click the download button and wait until the video is ready to download.
  • After the video resolution option appears, just click to download it
  • If the video doesn’t download immediately, hold your finger on the video section until an option appears and then select “save video as…”
  • Rename the video file if necessary and click the save button.
  • The video has been successfully downloaded on your cellphone.
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Frequently asked questions

Can download Twitter videos?

Yes, you can download Twitter videos very easily by using our tool. Our tool will provide a direct video link from the twitter server which you can download with one click.

Can gabvideo download twitter videos in HD quality? directly gives you a link from the twitter server and does not make changes or an engineering to the video you download. So you can be sure the video you download is in HD quality. Except the quality of the uploader was bad from the start.

Is it safe to download twitter videos here?

Yes of course. You are very safe downloading Twitter videos on this site because we do not record or store any information from our website visitors.

Is downloading twitter videos here free?

Yes, you can download videos for free and we provide a free video download tool with some ads on the website that don’t bother you and are very clickable.

Where are downloaded Twitter videos stored?

This folder will show up automatically based on your settings, but if you don’t do anything, it’ll be in Downloads. If you use IDM, FDM, or any other software to download videos, the file will be in this folder.

Does gabvideo limit the number of videos downloaded?

No, we will not restrict you from downloading videos from twitter. You can download as many videos as you like

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