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Facebook is an American online public media and social networking service based in Menlo Park, California and a fabulous flagship services of the namesake business Facebook, Inc. It was founded by Mark Zuckerberg, along with fellow Harvard College students and roommates Eduardo  Saverin, Dustin Moskovitz, Andrew McCollum, and Chris Hughes.

The founders, in the beginning, limited Facebook membership to Harvard students. Membership is expanded to Ivy Group universities, MIT, and higher education establishments in the Boston location, then many other universities, and last but not least high school students. Since 2006, anyone who promises to end up being at least 13 years older has been allowed to become a registered customer of Facebook, though this may vary according to local regulations. The name comes from the face book directories often given to American university students. You can use our website as Facebook video downloader online.

The Facebook service can be accessed from gadgets with Internet connectivity, such as personal tablets, computers and smartphones. After registering, users can create a profile revealing information regarding themselves. They can post text, photographs and multimedia which is shared with any other users which may have agreed to be their “close friend”, or, with a distinct privacy placing, with any reader. Facebook video downloader. Users can also use different embedded apps, become a member of common-interest groups, buy and sell items or providers on Market, and receive notifications of their Facebook good friends’ activities and activities of Facebook web pages they follow. Facebook claimed that it had more than 2.3 billion monthly active users as of December 2018.

Free Facebook video downloader online

gebvideo.com is one of the better tools available online for downloading video from Facebook to mp4 (video) and download them for free – this service gets results for tablets, computers and mobile devices.

All you need to do is to enter the URL in the text box provided and use the button labeled “Download” to download the video found in the available format. The cost of our website is free and does not require any software or registration. Have fun and enjoy the application of our website.

How to download video from facebook?

1. Copy the video URL from Facebook video

Copy the video URL from the browser’s address bar to the clipboard, or right-click on the video player and select it from the regular menu. Then “copy URL”.

2. Paste the URL into the input box in Gabvideo.com and paste the link into the input field. The process of saving Facebook clips usually runs immediately after pressing the download button.

3. Select the desired quality and click the download button. Before using this Facebook video downloader, you can pick from the quality and format options available. Just click on the drop-down list before pressing the download press button, and choose what you would like from the list.

Where are downloaded videos stored?

The default position is in the older “Download” of your computer’s operating system. Mac OS, windows, and Linux constantly save files in the default folder. Popular browsers, such as for example Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Microsoft Edge, always use the default download folder if you don’t change browser settings.

Can I download live streaming video clips from Facebook?

If the live video stream isn’t done, you can’t download it. Primary, you have to wait for live streaming to stop and be saved on Facebook. Only when saved, the video should be able to be downloaded.

Why is the video playing instead of saving it to the computer?

Sometimes it does happen. If you try to download a training video on Facebook and on the other hand open in a new tab and start playing, don’t worry. Merely right-click and choose the “Preserve As …” or “Save As …” alternative from the menu. The download method will start at once.

Do you save / backup / save movies downloaded from Facebook?

Not! We do not save or save any video tutorials which you have downloaded, all stored simply on Facebook servers. We give you a function to search for and offer you all the one on one URLs that are available for videos placed there. By accessing this website link, you can download video lessons immediately from the Facebook server.

Are you tracking the links I used through your site to download videos?

Not! We usually do not track any links that you paste / paste into the suggestions column and we respect the privacy of our users.

Is this Facebook video download free?

Yes, You can use our free of charge online FB video downloader for an unlimited time. We do not fee any fees or ask for donations. Our Facebook video download application is a good web-based application that is easy to use.

Which video top quality does this application support?

Most videos are in MP4 format and also SD, HD, FullHD, 2K, 4K. The quality depends on the source of the uploaded record. If the author uploads it in 1080p, you can conserve Facebook clips of the same level of quality.

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