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Likee was originally known as LIKE until mid-2019, when it was rebranded and redesigned. As of the second quarter of 2019, Likee’s mobile monthly active users had reached 80.7 million. On September 25, 2019, the Indian political special event Aam Aadmi Special event created an official account on Likee.  You can use our site as Likee Video Downloader.

On September 30, 2019, a parental controls feature was introduced, allowing parents and guardians of Likee users to remotely control or restrict access to the app’s content. In 2017, Likee was rated as one of Google Play’s Best Activity Applications.


The Likee mobile software allows users to easily create and edit videos utilizing a variety of augmented reality effects, such as.

Privacy and habit concerns

As other video apps, Likee is also condemned by the international community[clarification needed] for privacy and inappropriate content. People say it could expose children to sexual predators. Because of that, the ‘Enable Parental Controls’ have on Likee can make sure parents and guardians control or restrict young end-users’ usage of the content in Likee. As well, for teens to avoid inappropriate video tutorial; provide viewing environments and content suited to young people. Likee Video Downloader. Likee Downloader online. is among the best Likee Downloaders available online to download Likee video clips without a watermark. So you don’t need to install any software to your computer or smartphone to download Likee Video. It certainly is free. We merely place some advertisements, which support maintaining our solutions, and further development.

How to download Likee video using a browser?

  1. Open website on your browser
  2. Find your video that you want to download and get right click then open in new tab
  3. Copy your Likee URL and paste to box download above
  4. Wait a second your Likee Video will be available to download.
  5. Click the resolution and size button. Now your Likee Video will be downloaded.
  6. Enjoy it!

How exactly to download Likee video clips without a watermark?

  1. Open the Likee software on your phone.
  2. Choose whatever video tutorial you would like to download.
  3. Click to the show Share button at the right bottom.
  4. Follow the link Copy Link button.
  5. Paste to o the field over then press to the share Download button.

Ways to get the Likee video recording download link?

  1. Open your Likee application
  2. Choose the Likee online video that you want to download
  3. Click Share and in the share Share choices, find Link Copy Hyperlink button
  4. Your download URL is set on the clipboard.

Where are Likee videos saved soon after being downloaded?

When you’re downloading, Usually your file saved into whatever folder you have collection mainly because of your default. Your internet browser normally units this folder for you personally. In browser configurations, you can transform and select manually the vacation spot folder for your downloaded Likee videos.

Does Gabvideo.Com stored downloaded video clips or keep a duplicate of videos?

We don’t saved videos, either conduct we preserve copies of downloaded movies. All videos will be hosted on Likee‘s servers. Likewise, we don’t keep an eye on the download histories of our users, thus making applying that we totally anonymous.

Must I pay out to download Likee Video?

No, you don’t need to purchase anything because our software program is always free of charge. You can assist us by turning off your advertisement blocks It supports our additional development.

MAY I download Likee video clips on my Android mobile phone?

Yes, it’s easier to make use of our website to save lots of no-watermark Likee video on your Android cellphone. SnapTik is very fast, 100% Free of charge, and getting updated regularly.

How do you save/download the best Tik Tok clips to my iPhone?

Due to Apple security plan, you can’t normally download any videos, music, or films to your iPhone like everyone else can it with Android cell phones. But there are several methods to cope with it, please adhere to this introduction how exactly to download Likee video clips with your iPhone.

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